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Have no fear at Jacob’s Ladder

17 May, 2015

Audiences will have nothing to be afraid of when SONiA Rutstein and her Disappear Fear band take the stage at this weekend’s fun-filled annual country, folk and rock festival at Kibbutz Ginosaur.

SONiA Rutstein was clearly way ahead of her time. Long before it was considered sexy – by marketing executives and PR dudes – to mix upper case and lower case letters in the names of, for example, new software or even companies, the American musician had an instinctive feel for the then highly conventional blend of graphic scale.

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Danny Danon seeks to go boldly where no man has gone before

17 May, 2015

The appointment of Danny Danon as Israel’s minister of science, technology, and space elicited criticism as well as biting political satire on social media.

At least two Hebrew Facebook pages spoofing Danon attracted over 11,000 likes shortly after its creation.

His new title prompted an Israeli Facebook user to create a page using colorful memes and humorous Photoshopped images showing Danon in various “space-like” contexts from popular culture.

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Obama challenges new cabinet's commitment to peace

17 May, 2015

US President re-affirms need for peace agreement with Palestinians at summit with Arab leaders, promises military action to protect Middle East allies.

Just a short while after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's fourth government was sworn in with Knesset approval in Jerusalem, US President Barack Obama spoke from a Camp David summit with the leaders of Arab gulf states, voicing concern over the makeup of the 34th government of Israel.

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Jordanian, German FMs call for renewal of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

17 May, 2015

Jordan's minister says world is unanimous on need for negotiations leading to Palestinian state in joint press conference with German foreign minister; King Abdullah meets with Angela Merkel as both countries emphasize ties.

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Analysis: Israel and the Palestinians - Is there room for optimism?

20 Apr, 2015

There are two opposing trends for both sides, one seeking calm and the other escalation

Last weekend (April 17), Prisoners' Day was commemorated in the Palestinian territories. There are currently 6,000 security prisoners in Israeli jails and the subject regularly arises among the public in the West Bank and Gaza.Prisoners' Day events included, as every year, demonstrations, sit-ins at the offices of the International Red Cross, and a host of popular gatherings.

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‘A drip revolution’ around the world

20 Apr, 2015

When he was approached in 1972 by the founders of the budding Netafim firm, Rafi Mehoudar had no idea he would soon develop one of the most widely used irrigation technologies around the world.

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Rabbi slams Women of the Wall for smuggling Torah scroll into holy site

20 Apr, 2015

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, the chief cleric in charge of overseeing religious affairs at the Western Wall, denounced the prayer rights group Women of the Wall on Monday for bringing a Torah scroll into the women’s section of the plaza adjoining Judaism’s holiest site.

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Facing political deadlock, Netanyahu gets more time to build coalition

20 Apr, 2015

While agreements with religious parties seem close to being signed, Likud is finding it harder to settle matters with Bennett and Lieberman.

With little sign of any imminent coalition agreement, President Reuven Rivlin agreed Monday to give Benjamin Netanyahu until May 7 to put together a government. This is supposedly allow the negotiating teams from the various parties to close the gaps on the allocation of portfolios - and the basic guidelines of the government.

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Haifa residents step up protest over carcinogenic industrial plants

20 Apr, 2015

Residents of Atlit and Hof HaCarmel gather in front of Carmel Chemicals plant, demanding it be moved far from population centers, while refinery fights Haifa Municipality by clearing trucks blocking entrance.

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Netanyahu and Bennett meet for coalition negotiations after two week lull

17 Apr, 2015

Though allied throughout election, Netanyahu and Bennett have not met for over two weeks, as Netanyahu attempts to court center-right Kulanu and ultra-Orthodox Shas, leaving rightwing Bayit Yehudi feeling undervalued.

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