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Biden to attend Independence Day event at Israeli embassy in Washington

17 Apr, 2015

United States Vice President Joe Biden will attend the annual Independence Day celebration at Israel's embassy in Washington DC next week.

Israel's Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer on Thursday said he was pleased to host the vice president at the holiday event marking Israel's 67 years of independence.

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Israel to remember 23,320 fallen soldiers, 116 from past years

17 Apr, 2015

Next week Israel will remember its fallen warriors, from the time the first Zionist moved to Palestine until present times; 1. 5 million Israelis expected to go to memorial services.

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Lebanese call for boycott of Israeli singer

05 Jun, 2014

Amir Hadad took third place on French version of The Voice and was supposed to perform with the other frontrunners in Lebanon, but once Hezbollah's mouthpiece got wind of show they called for boycott: 'His voice is beautiful, but his history reeks of occupation.'

Israeli singer Amir Hadad is in the eye of a media storm after a near win in the French version of the hit show The Voice slated him to perform in Lebanon, inspiring anger and calls by Hezbollah supporters to boycott his performance in Israel's northern neighbour.

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Does international law forbid settlement in the West Bank?

05 Jun, 2014

The first step in this interpretational process is to understand the plain – in fact dictionary – meaning of the treaty provisions requiring elucidation.

Anton Camen of the International Committee of the Red Cross in his article “Why the Law Prohibits Settlement Activities” (May 27, 2014) presents his view – and that of the vast majority of international legal scholars – on why the Israeli settlements in the West Bank are illegal under international law. The article touched upon a number of points. Due to lack of space, the present article shall address his central argument: does the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 prohibit settlement activities.

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Australia will no longer refer to Jerusalem as 'occupied'

05 Jun, 2014

"'Occupied East Jerusalem' is a term freighted with pejorative implications, which is neither appropriate nor useful," says Australian FM.

Australia will no longer describe east Jerusalem as "occupied" territory, the country's attorney-general told the Senate on Thursday, signaling a significant policy shift welcomed in Israel.

"The description of east Jerusalem as 'Occupied East Jerusalem' is a term freighted with pejorative implications, which is neither appropriate nor useful," George Brandis said, reading out a statement written following a conversation with Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

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Why are Iranian men posting photos of themselves as women?

05 Jun, 2014

Web pages making fun of laws restricting women in Iran go viral on social media.

recently taken an exceptional and unusual turn. Web pages making fun of laws restricting women from the public sphere have gone viral on social media. The strange thing about these pages - the official Facebook page has already received nearly 80 thousand likes in two weeks - is that women do not appear in them at all.

The men who run and operate these pages stress that they are not associated with any organization or group. They appear online as seductive women in order to express their dissatisfaction with Iran's social religious rules that emphasize modesty and require women to cover their body and hair when around men.

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Can big data predict the next cyber attack?

12 May, 2014

Analyzing big data can help raise the alarm in real time when something out of the ordinary is happening, as may be the case in a security breach.

LAS VEGAS – The battle to secure private data, whether financial information or intellectual property, may be won through big data analysis.

That, at any rate is what Bob Griffin, cyber security firm RSA’s chief security architect, thinks.

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Lapid defends decision to stay in government despite impasse in peace talks

12 May, 2014

Finance Minister Yair Lapid defended his decision to remain in the governing coalition despite the failure of peace talks, vowing in a speech to supporters at a Yesh Atid conference in Tel Aviv on Sunday not to give up on the stalled peace process.

In an address in which he summed up his party’s activities in its first year in the government, Lapid said the party had taken on the most difficult issues in Israeli society and would continue to do so, including in the diplomatic arena.

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Israel offers to help Nigeria find abducted girls

12 May, 2014

Netanyahu to Nigerian president: "We are ready to help in finding the girls and fighting the cruel terrorism inflicted on you."

Israel on Sunday offered assistance to Nigeria in locating 276 high-school girls still held after being abducted four weeks ago by the Boko Haram terrorist network.

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Bain Capital buys Manischewitz

09 Apr, 2014

The Manischewitz Company, well known for its kosher food and wine, has been sold to Sankaty Advisors, the credit arm of equity firm Bain Capital, The New York Times reported.

The New Jersey-based brand’s new owners plan to broaden its customer base to non-Jews by marketing its kosher status as a sign of quality.

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