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Law of Return

05 Jul, 2013

Today 63 years ago the "shvut" law that gives jews, people with jews ancestry and their spouses the right of return and live in Israel and to gain citizenship what we now call "aliyah".

National Geographic 10 best coastline cities

30 Jun, 2013

They call Tel Aviv Miami Beach on the Med. it's known for its inhabitants' tendency to tune out regional skirmishes, some restaurants, discos, and clubs are open until dawn. By day, the scene shifts to the city's promenade and eight miles (13 kilometers) of beach literally steps from town. Head to wide and sandy Gordon Beach to sit in a seaside cafe or take a dip in the saltwater pool.

Robert De Niro In Israel

17 Jun, 2013

Robert De Niro had just arrived to join other celeb at President's Shimon peres birthday celebrations.

De niro who brought his son along had requested not to take a any pictures of him and when the god father asks you to do something you comply... ;)

Sharon Stone Has Landed in Israel

16 Jun, 2013

Jerusalem has were covered with star dust today when the infemes Hollywood star took a stroll around the holy city.
Sharon had arrived to attend shimon peres 90 years birth day celebrations .
much more to come...

Jerusalem hosts Formula 1 road show

16 Jun, 2013

International race brings fancy cars, noise to capital. At cost of more than $4.5 million, Mayor Nir Barkat says it is worth every penny "This will make a huge contribution to branding and promoting peace"

Barbra streisand in Israel

15 Jun, 2013

Singer Barbra streisand has landed at Ben Gurion Airport on a private jet and accompanied by 150 staff members.
Streisand will appear on Thursday and Saturday night at Bloomfield Stadium in Jaffa and will also participate in the President Shimon Peres 90 years birthday celebrations. She is expected to stay at the King David in Jerusalem.

Australia names Raoul Wallenberg as it's first honorary citizen

05 May, 2013

A new award for Australia, the award for this year's Honorary Citizen of Australia has been given to Raoul Wallenberg.

Mr Wallenberg, who rescued tens of thousands of Jews in Nazi-occupied Hungary during the Holocaust, was honoured in Canberra today.

The Prime Minister said while Mr Wallenberg never saw Australia, the nation recognised his moral courage and expressed gratitude for those he saved and did later come its shores.

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Israel's 33rd Government Gets Sworn In

19 Mar, 2013

Earlier Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unveiled his new government before the 22 new ministers swear an oath to the State and the Knesset.
Netanyahu then took to the podium where he presented his government's guidelines. "I would like to thank the citizens if Israel for giving me the incredible opportunity of leading the country for the third time," the prime minister said.
Netanyahu pledged his government will work for the benefit of all Israelis, and stressed the issues they will face.

Exit polls: Right suffer blow, Lapid big winner

22 Jan, 2013

Israel goes Leftward as Right bloc's majority razor-thin; voter turnout 66.6%; Likud Beytenu plummets; Labor polled to get 17 seats, Bayit Yehudi 12, Shas 11, Livni and Meretz 7 each, UTJ 6.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s Likud Beytenu list did even worse in Tuesday’s election than public opinion polls predicted last week, winning 31 seats according to exit polls on three television networks and only 29 in a Smith Research exit poll conducted for The Jerusalem Post.

In a clear shift away from the Right, the TV exit polls found that the Center-Left bloc, which won only 55 seats in the 2009 election, had risen to 58-59 seats. The Smith poll, which predicted a fight between Kadima and Strong Israel over the last three seats, found that the Center-Left bloc could still win a majority.

Noah's Flood:Rains pour all over Israel "Decade Record Broken"

06 Jan, 2013

Stormy weather caused major damage to property and injuries as a result of the collapse of a number of trees, who were uprooted from by the wind, but there is also a positive side to all t rain, rivers up north and central are filling up, it seems that this flow was only seen a decade ago!
Hillel Glazman, Head of Monitoring and Streams Nature and Parks Authority. "The water flow in streams is very unusual, massive amounts of rain constantly Flows down stream straight to the kineret"