Recent Group Notices


30 Dec, 2014

With pain and sorrow we announce the passing of a beloved sl Jewish community member ELIYAKIM BRINNER who passed away on December 28th 2014

I wish for us all to take a step back on this day in a moment of silence in his memory.

Thank you,

The Return of Madran Rahit

26 Sep, 2014

"Hi all,
It's been a long time since i've been able to log into second life and work on the sim and i've been missing you all heaps! The past few months have been full of changes in my life. I made aliyah just over two months ago and the process has kept me very busy adjusting to my new life in the beautiful land of Israel......"

read more of madran note at :

Update from Israel both SL and RL

18 Jul, 2014

1) By now the IDF had entered Gaza under pressure from the terrorist group Hamas as it shoots rockets at civilians in Israel. This is a war of no choice & we pray for our sons & daughters as they risk their lives so we can have our own.

2) Breaking sim rules and the TOS (griefing) of all kinds in Israel Island itself and the group chat will not be tolerated and each avatar will be banned from both sim & group!
Please contact any online or offline group moderator if you encounter such disruptive Beauvoir.

Breaking news Live from Israel

08 Jul, 2014

Join us on Israel Island Face book Page for Live updates as the tension in Gaza strengthen and rockets starts to fall on tel Aviv...

Memory of the 3 Murdered boys...

02 Jul, 2014

In remembrance of the 3 boys kidnapped and murdered by the Palestinian terrorists we had erected a memorial at Israel Island on Masada.

please feel free to come and pay your respects.

Speed Greeters starting now!

15 Jun, 2014

Ever wondered who all those other people are at Israel Island events? Join us and meet the rest of the community in a fun round of 5 minute chats. Make new friends and catch up with old ones at this monthly community get together.

This isn't Speed Dating. This is Speed Greeting!

15 Jun, 2014 - 10:00 am SLT
Region: Israel Island (Knoworld)
Location: The Zoola (Sky Village)


19 May, 2014

Sunday 18th May - 10AM SLT (8PM Israel Time)

This Lag Ba'Omer, we are lighting a fire sure to keep us all warm for a whole year! Come join the community as we celebrate Lag Ba'Omer and eat, drink, listen to Israeli music, play some games and have a lot of fun! .

See you at Tel Aviv Beach @ Israel Island!


17 May, 2014

Definition of "LAG B'OMER":
A Jewish holiday celebrated on the 33rd day of the Counting of the Omer, which occurs on the 18th day of the Hebrew month of Iyar
One is expected to gather all the combustibles he or she can find and light a giant ass fire in order to consume large quantities of meat, potatoes & Beer.
All this should be done with the company of friends so... we took care of the giant ass fire so bring your asses down this Sunday 18th of may 10 AM SLT (8 PM ISRAEL TIME)

Up coming Event at Israel Island: Speed Greeters

11 May, 2014

Up coming event today at Israel Island "Speed Greeters"
Come hang out and Join us to meet the rest of the community in a fun round of 5 minute chats. This isn't Speed Dating. This is Speed Greeting!