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02 Dec, 2013

Come to light the candles with us on this 6 day of Hanukkah
I can promise allot of oily pixel food to last a life time ;)
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Free Gift For Hanukkah

01 Dec, 2013

High Detailed Mesh Decorative Wooden Box that would look great at any home, dispenses Mesh Dreidels (sevivonim).
But this no ordinary dreidels those are smart dreidels with Manny options !
For the options just read the notecard that comes with it

Have a great Hanukkah

Israel Island

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Happy Hanukkah fisrt candle lighting

27 Nov, 2013

Hey everyone just wanted to Let you all know we are about to light up the Very 1st Candle of Hanukkah and you are all invited for the lighting and ofcorse for some suganiyot and latkes

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Free Gift!

22 Nov, 2013

A free Gift a Menora Made by Corvus to all of us.
enjoy ;)

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PARTY STARTS in 15 min!

27 Oct, 2013

Israel Island's first birthday Party starts now!
Crazy music crazy got it? yes we are nuts!
big prize tonight and much much more all aboard!

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3 hours to go!

27 Oct, 2013

Over the past year we enjoyed giving you a place to call home in second life and today we will also give a few away (hint hint).
join the awesome pool party as you never seen it before!
only 3 our to go 12:00 PM that's noon SLT.


22 Oct, 2013

Yeps, it's been a year since we opened the sim to everyone and what a year it's been! In honor of this milestone, we're planning a birthday extravaganza and you are invited!! For details, check out the poster on our Facebook Page....full details to come!
So clear that space on your ical and put in 10 reminders....this is an event not to miss!

Free gift

08 Oct, 2013

Our Very own Merlin (merlin527) Wanted to give something back to the community so he made you guys a kick ass Israel island T shirt!
Enjoy ;)

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Happy Simchat Torah

27 Sep, 2013

In celebration of Simchat Torah, we've made a special gift for you all. It's your very own musical Sefer Torah done in mesh! There are two versions; a higher prim, more ornate one and a lower prim, slightly less ornate one. The Sifrei Torah are boxed and attached to this notice.

We hope you had a joyous Simchat Torah and look forward to seeing you all again at the Israel Island 1st birthday party!

With love,
Your friends at Israel Island

P.S. The Sefer Torah is boxed and attached to this notice.

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come and have some sukkot fun

25 Sep, 2013

we are dancing the leaf roof off here and we can use your help to blow it sky high!
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